Yarloop Primary School's New Sign

Posted on: Monday, 9 March 2015 at 8:48:29 AM

When it was mentioned that the school really needed a sign, an idea was set in motion.

With Yarloop being an old mill town, wood was the natural choice. Upon asking, Rob Chopping said he would gladly donate a slab of timber, we just had to choose which one would suit best.

Then the dilemma of who would have a router that could do the lettering. Fred Duplessis put his hand up saying, 'not a problem'. Angela Radford supplied the letter stencils and construction began.

After many coats of oil by Paul and Viv Matthews, they along with Richard Wood were able to erect our Community made sign.

Thank you to Viv (our awesome school gardener) for coordinating this project.

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